ESG (environmental, social, governance) is increasingly important in any investment strategy. Vellum is at the forefront of this shift towards sustainable investing and is committed to delivering decent returns while making a positive contribution to people and the planet.

Vellum is focused on sustainable investments, which it assesses against their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It offers a suite of products and services, as well as investment opportunities aimed at helping investors achieve their ESG ambitions.


Vellum is actively exploring opportunities in clean energy and technology, recycling and waste management as well as green agriculture. It also ensures its work in sectors like real estate has minimal or positive environmental impact.


Vellum’s build-to-rent projects provide much-needed rental housing supply and include designated affordable living or NDIS apartments. More broadly, it reviews investment opportunities to ensure they make a positive contribution to society.


Led by female entrepreneur Binuo Erth, Vellum values diversity and gender balance, understanding that both are critical to achieving good outcomes for clients. Vellum is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and goes above and beyond to adhere to best practices in corporate governance.