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At Vellum, our investment philosophy is based on the belief that meaningful change starts with strategic investments. We select sectors that align with our core values, aiming not just to secure financial gains but to foster a sustainable, equitable, and healthy future for all. 

We craft partnerships that attract visionary projects and impact investment partners who share 

our commitment to driving positive societal and environmental outcomes. 


Vellum holds a license (AFSL 482051) to provide advisory services on assets and financial 

structures, helping other impact investors optimise capital operations and enhance their ESG 

performance. Leveraging its deep expertise in primary financial markets, Vellum designs and 

structures various financial instruments, including share placements, bond issuances, and 

fund setups, specifically to facilitate sustainable investments. 


We assist government organisations and government-led projects to measure and manage their environmental 

and social impact, and support governments with the design and implementation of public-private 

partnerships with an ESG focus, and advocate for the introduction of reforms that encourage 

private investment and create jobs. 


We also partner with leading stakeholders across the ESG industry, including scientists, research 

organisations, and NGOs to collaborate on shared interests and opportunities for further 

growth and advancement across the sector. 

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